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27 December 2009 @ 06:25 pm
Angel x Demon  
So, I have a second story in mind.

This one is about a guy who has the personality of an angel and his named Uriel. He is taking 2 college classes, holding down 3 jobs, and also has to babysit and take care of his little brother. Well he meets this other guy named Kratz or "Z" who has the personality of a demon. Kratz and Uriel meet but Kratz dislikes the idea that Uriel is doing so much for others and barely has any time to himself and is overworking himself to death. So Kratz offers to help out Uriel whenever he needs it whether its to babysit his brother or taking over one of his 3 jobs for him.

Uriel works at a florists, on thursdays helps out a friend in the mornings and at night, and over the weekends his holding a job he tells his little 11-year-old brother its a pleasure profession. Kratz hates the idea and tries to save Uriel's ass one night. Uriel is dressed up like an angel as a waiter at his pleasure bar and Kratz saves him by taking his place and do the job for the customer while dressed as a devil. Kratz then tells Uriel that he was only acting because that was his dream job while Uriel's was to be an physician. Z then makes a proposal to have Uriel work for him. That is, until Z's father returns from Australia.

Uriel was amazed that this 19-year-old was a CEO of the most popular company. Z told Uriel that he would give him 14,000 dollars a month to do nothing but clean, cook, and help around Z's office while also providing him some company. Uriel agrees to it but wonders why this strange teenager is going out of his way for Uriel and his brother Michael.

Michael then reveals he has a crush an older person, his teacher. Michael is a straight A student and knows the material quite well. You can say, he's the teacher's pet. But his brother proposes that in order to have some discrete alone time with his teacher for a good reason, fail a test and he will get worried about what's wrong, allowing Michael to have some tutoring with him one on one but Michael couldn't keep lying to his teacher so he tells him the truth, he did it simply to be alone with his teacher. However, it seems that Kratz is actually this teacher's younger half brother. Small world huh!?

So, that's my little cute story idea. =3
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