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01 January 2010 @ 06:10 pm
Realistic Resolutions  
Okay, so the previous resolutions was for me internally as a person. These are realistic resolutions.

~draw more and better
~be more open towards others and myself
~stand up for myself without the use of anger
~not cry unless its because of something sappy, but not out of depression
~pass all my classes
~write more stories on my own
~not be pushed around
~not to let others control me or tell me what to do
~make my bed more and clean up my room more without being told
~brush my teeth more
~exercise or lose some weight
~run more even if it's on my own and without a buddy
~eat healthier espeically with fruits and veggies and less meat
~spend wisely or conserve money more
~help my mom out more
~do the cat box without being told (which reminds me. xD )
~be kinder and more generous towards others
~not write any rant journals over anyone regardless of how I feel
~work on my vlogs and communication skills
~be more socialable
~hang out with friends more
~get over some insecurities like working at food joints or restaurants
~at least venture out to at least 1 state that I haven't been to
~make new friends
~make more money whether getting a second job or babysit more
~try new foods ((to see if I am allergic to anything))
~find out IF I am allergic to anything whether towards animals or food
~not spill my guts out to friends as much or tell them everything that is going on in my life
~read a real book for once and possibly finish it
~become more well rounded in fields I have not already partook in.

And that's my realistic resolutions!! Hope it goes well!! Wish me Luck and I wish the best on your Resolutions as well~! <3
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