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07 January 2010 @ 10:45 pm
Been A While  
I just noticed I haven't posted an LJ journal in 6 days.

So, tomorrow I am finally going to Dene's to have our X-Mas gathering then she and I are going to see Youth in Revolt. She suggested it and I am not too interested in it but whatever. Then around 6 is Drew's party.

Well, I don't have much to say. I am really anxious to get to school and get my school books already. I already got a new school bag, new notebook, organizer folder, Hello Kitty daily planners, pencil bag, and also my other bag that I am going to use for art and my laptop. I have an art class so bringing my sketchbook isn't going to hurt. I am also excited about Creative Writing and interested in Sociology.

I was helping Monica plan her schedule. Sadly, she first couldn't take her math class because it was the same time as her Archeology clas and then I find out that she couldn't take her math class period because it was full. Honestly, I think that's her fault for not realizing that DMAT classes are the quickest classes that go by and you need to be quick on the draw in order to get them. You can't slack off when it comes to that. I also believe that she doesn't take school as seriously as she should. I noticed that if I was in the same class as her, she'd be doing something else other than taking notes then she wanted to copy off of me. Honestly, I don't approve of that and I do find that it's her fault.

But anyhoo, Caitlin said she'd RP with me. It should be fun since I said I really love the couples that we have together, there's more relationship statuses going on and more of a friendship going on rather than just sex, sex, sex and then drama. But, it should be cool. I feel like drawing MiggiexCale or RyouxSybil. =3 I think I will. xD Lol I am coloring Drew's Tabasco Vixen for his birthday.

Well that's it, bye guys!
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