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09 January 2010 @ 09:53 pm
WWBD --- What's wrong with me!?!?  
Part 1 of my new book What Would Buddha Do? I will write the other chapters later on, but I hope these guidances help you on your own paths as it is helping mine.

WWBD if someone hates him?

Not by Hate is Hate defeated; Hate is quenched by love. This is the eternal law.

WWBD if a friend let him down?

One should not pry into the faults of others, what they've done and left undone. Consider instead what you youself have done and left undone.

WWBD if when he gets sick?

He should see the body as marked by impermenance, suffering, emptiness, and lack of self. This is wisdom. But despite his broken body, he should remain in this world of birth and death, bringing benefit to all beings, never surrendering to weariness or disgust.

WWBD about dieting?

Buddha, having emacinated himself for no reason in cruel self-abuse, realized... that this was not the way to peace, or knowledge, or liberation... One who ruins her body can never gain awakening.

WWBD about lying?

In certain cases a bodhisattva may kill, steal, commit adultery, or take drugs, but he may not lie. International lying contradicts reality.

WWBD when facing a crisis?

Throw away your pitiful apathy and act boldly in this crisis! A wise person shows energy and resolve; success is her power, no matter what.

WWBD when feeling frustrated?

Don't be so inconsiderate and loudly drag the furniture around the room. Likewise don't go rudely yawnking doors. Find your pleasure in your deference.

WWBD about road rage?

Those who can control their rising anger as a driver controls a vehicle, those are good drivers; others only hold the reins.

WWBD when a friend hits him up for favors?

Misers certainly do not go to heaven. Fools don't like being generous. But the wise, rejoicing in the giving, finds joy in the higher worlds.

WWBD about being criticized?

Look upon one who tells you your fautls as giving you a hidden treasure, as a wise person who shows you the dangers in life. Follow that person: if you do, you will see good and not evil.

WWBD when he gets bored?

If you find one thing boring, you'll find everything boring.

WWBD when fearing personal failure?

Am I strong enough to save the world?... Remembering all he had heard, he thought again and resolved, "I will teach the truth for the sake of saving the world."
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