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20 January 2010 @ 06:58 pm
Good for You!  
You know back in the old days, I would have taken some offense or sensitivity with a friend of mine hanging out with an enemy I once had, but now I just don't care and I'm glad!

I know twitter is a status blog....thing....and its there to update what you are doing (which I totally oppose) but I know people do it to brag about what it is they do. So, when I can sense a brag when I see it, then I know you are doing it to get my goat. However, it's not working.

I am actually happy for both of you, getting back together and being friends again. I could care less what you guys do together. You can have all the fun you want with each other. In fact, Kattie might need this time to be close to someone because she can't with another. It's apart of the social order of things. No one truly likes to be alone or neglected, so do each other a big favor and stay friends for as long as you can. If thinks stir up again, just move on and forget them and not care about the negativity. Look optimistically but remain realistic to the situation.
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