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25 January 2010 @ 08:15 pm
Okay, so for my birthday this year, the biggest thing I want is experience or try new things. And one big goal I want to do this year is, on my birthday: try and do something spontaneous, outgoing, compulsive, and completely unlike me! I dunno what that is yet.

I would really like some advice or examples that I could consider, but it won't be illegal or stupid that's for sure. I will let friends and even non-friends give suggestions on things that would help improve my character and personality by doing something beyond what I normally do. Some examples I would give are:

If I see a guy/girl I like, I should go up to them and tell them that I like them or randomly kiss them like it was a dare. I'd feel sorry for the person because they are clueless and not expecting it. xD Lol

I would rather have more suggestions than just that so I have some sort of decision to make here rather than being indecisive.


As far as plans go, I want to take Adam to Tupi's since he's never been. I dunno if Caitlin or Bonnie can come but I am hoping for Monica and Adam. Drew can't make it because he'll be in Florida. I also want to go drinking, partying, or go to a club. Anything that I don't do normally and would like to do for a one time gig. I dunno where though so I can't really give specifics since I am not sure. I also might get a tattoo. Haven't decided yet. That won't be provided as my spontaneous and compulsive action though. If I did get one, it would be of a peace sign or a lotus somewhere on my body that would be unseen, small, inexpensive, and on a place where it won't hurt as much. I am not keen in this sort of thing. Monica is getting two and she is designing her's herself. If I design mine, I'll post it when I get around to it.

As far as when goes, it'll be Saturday February 20th since I turn 22 at 12:07am the next morning and I want to party all day Saturday and stay out late for my b-day. Then if I have sleepover, the girls and I can spend the night and hang out more and do something in the morning or afternoon. However, I just hope my galpals can take work off or at least make it, if not then we can always postpone it till another time. I'm pretty lenient.

Well, that's my birthday update. If I talk about anything further about it, it'll be of updates, who is really coming, and please give me more ideas on what spontaneous and compulsive things I should do that will open me up more. I don't want to always be shy, quiet, and unsociable. So I look forward to hear from you.

If you don't want to post here or in public, note me on DA!! <3
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