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30 January 2010 @ 05:20 pm
You are not Better Than Me  
School teaches us how to succeed but it doesn't teach us how to make it in the real world especially how to accept failure. When a person tries their hardest to succeed in order to make perfect grades, they forget how to accept failure. They usually stress themselves out further or overexert themselves within studying to a point where they aren't able to balance along fun on the side. So, when they try their hardest to finish school within a short amount of time, they aren't really as prepared for life as they think they are.

Perfection is an illusion, it can't be done no matter how hard you try. When someone aims or strives for perfection, they are usually following a path that has more negative side affects then positive ones. If they try to be or make themselves to be perfect, they are living a lie. They are trying to become something they are not.

Failure teachers us how to handle the ups and downs. When a person fails, they make a mistake that isn't always for the worst. Their failure helps them become a better person and how to learn from their mistakes. By learning from them, they can then accept failure, grow from it, and not become as stressed out. So when one fails from a class, it is a sign that that class is something they need to work and improve for their own benefit. Failure is a part of life, it makes us a better person by showing our faults. We need to be accepted by those faults and to try harder the next time around. It proves that second chances are available, we just have to make the most of it the second time around.


When a person goes through school simply to try and make A's, that isn't necessary benefiting themselves especially if the A's they make are in classes that aren't really expanding their horizons. One must look beyond what they can do, and accept and try the thinks that will help them become more well-rounded. By challenging and questioning yourself within fields that can expand your knowledge and wisdom on classes that can help them become a better person and more open-minded and well-rounded.

So, making A's isn't the foundation of one's eduction, it's what they can gain, comprehend, or learn from what is being taught to them. So despite what they make, doesn't necessarily state their intellect and sometimes those who fail more are smarter than those who only making A's. So, if one makes straight A's verses one who has to have second tries at something, then the person who gets second challenges will be better off in the real world, because they are actually gaining more than just an A, they are gaining a depth to themselves as a being.

This is why electives are a good thing and having more than one major or minor can help them improve their life in more ways than one.


Don't be afraid to expand your horizons, don't think that just because you make straight A's that you are smarter than someone else who doesn't. If you can't accept even a B, then obviously you haven't learned anything as a person within character. Don't be afraid to question yourself, your values or beliefs and become more well-rounded and open-minded to things beyond their views or intellect. And don't think that just because you finish school quicker that you are better either. That doesn't make you perfect or a genius, it makes you a person who wants to get it over with and hope for a better tomorrow when really hope has nothing to do with it. You can't just hope that you are a better person, you have to actually do and prove you are. So, stop gloating about making straight A's, that you are finishing school early or before someone else, and do something to better yourself as a person by opening your mind and and expanding your horizons and becoming well-rounded in fields that can help you more than just the classes that they expect you to take.

Failure, second chances, becoming a better person, being well-rounded, and opening your mind are the true ways in order to succeed and become a mature person that won't have problems in the future or in the real world.
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